Training and Testing

 Classes are tentatively scheduled to start  January 9, 2024. They will be held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for  approximately eight weeks. Classes are held in the Conference Room and Shack in the Electronics Building at Venture Out. There is a  license testing session for all levels of Amateur Radio for the class attendees and any other interested parties which is scheduled at the end of the classes. Those interested in training can contact Terry Laduke at 480-543-9392 or Ervin Habeck at 660-723-1548.


Practice Exam and other information websites:



            This site takes one question from each group to make an exam based on the entire question database. If you can consistently score 90% on this site you are ready for the exam.



            This (and the next site listed) allows you to tailor the test for the portion of the information you have studied.