Venture Out, Sunlife and Local Nets 

      All times are MST, Arizona, not daylight savings time.

•Sunlife Echolink Net, on the internet using Echolink software. Connect to the Techtalk conference node: 7:00 p.m. Wednesday evening.

 •Sunlife 20 Meter Net: Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 12:30 pm (this net is run at 11:30 a.m. Arizona Time, during daylight savings time), 14.329 Mhz SSB. The 20 Meter Net is often run from the Venture Out Ham Radio Shack.

•Sunlife 10 Meter Net: Tuesday and Thursday, 7:00 pm. 28.329 Mhz, SSB.

•Venture Out 2 Meter Net: Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 1:00 p.m., 146.460 MHz FM simplex.

•Superstition ARC Nets, 2 Meter FM Wed. 8pm 147.120 pl 162.2, 449.600- 449.200, pl 100 , KD8PC-Echolink Node.

•Superstition ARC 10 Meter Thurs 8pm 28.470 SSB

•LOCAL, No Club.

        •10 Meter AM Monday 8pm, 28.808 Amplitude Modulation

        •6 Meter SSB Wednesday 7pm, 50.140 USB

        •10 Meter SSB, Desert 10-10 Net, Sunday 6pm 28.445 USB